Health Care Assistant Training

Thank you for your enquiry for our Introduction to Health Care Assistant Training. 

The course has been designed for those interested in becoming health care assistants or care assistants employed in hospitals, nursing homes and other medical settings. The course is based on government policy to increase the standard levels of care given by health care assistants with a view to becoming regulated to a national care standard. The course will take place over 2 days, costing £170. 

The concept of the health care assistant training programme has been in response from clients and other health care professionals with the aim of improving competency in these key areas:

  • The role of a Health Care Assistant 
  • Food hygiene
  • Patient confidentiality
  • Communication, face to face, through barriers
  • Abuse
  • Care of the dying patient
  • What are observations and how to deal with them
  • Health and safety
  • General care of the patient and environment
  • Lifting and handling
  • Infection control/Fire
  • Health emergencies
  • Managing visitors
  • Mobility, exercise
  • Discussion forum
  • CPR
  • Several other topics

"Just wanted you to know that I've been working since January as a care worker and all of that is because of the training I did with you in December! It helped me a lot and now I know this is what I want to do :) thanks a lot again.

" We now have places for Tuesday 23rd - Wednesday 24th July! Contact us by email or call us on 0847 060 1234. These courses get booked up very early, so don't delay in contacting us!