Our People

Derek Rowan

Managing Director

Having started the company in 1997, I am passionate about ensuring that the highest standards of nurses are provided to our clients and that Nursing 2000 becomes the leading supplier to the NHS in the UK

Kevin Carr

Managing Director

After setting up Nursing 2000 in 1997, I have overseen the growth of the company. I ensure that as we expand the high standards we have achieved are maintained as we continue to provide quality nurses to hospitals and trusts around the UK

Jason Kukard

Operations Director

Over 12 years experience in the Healthcare recruitment industry as a proud representative of the Nursing 2000 team, always striving to promote service delivery excellence and continuously driving to harmonise all the divisions within Nursing 2000 to create the perfect wheel

Lynda Burns


Since the start of Nursing 2000 in 1997 I have seen the expansion of the company with the highest of standards in all areas of Nursing, and will endeavour to maintain this continued commitment and level of care as we continue to grow around the UK

Joe Netimah

Recruitment Manager

The hunter-gatherer’ - it is my job to find the great calibre staff that make Nursing 2000 exceptional, over 8 years experience in the Healthcare recruitment industry

Hang Bannon

Accounts and Payroll Clerk

Always there to assist you with your payroll queries with a smile on her face

Stuart Ellis

Accounts and Payroll Clerk

Timesheet processer, continuously driving to ensure all timesheets are processed accurately to ensure all our candidates are paid in time every week