Timesheet completion and submission guide

Please ensure you email, fax or post your timesheets to arrive at the Nursing 2000 payroll office on the Tuesday, 13:00 deadline to ensure payment for that week.

Email: Payroll@nursing2000.co.uk
Post:  Nursing 2000, 85-87 Streatham High Road,
Streatham, London, SW16 1PH
Fax:   0208 696 9122
Payroll Telephone: 0345 319 2000,
Option 2 for the payroll department

Instructions for completing your timesheet

Please ensure the below is adhered to ensure prompt payment
Ensure ALL the sections of the timesheet are completed, including names, ward, job title, bands and worked hours, etc.
All the fields must be completed in BLOCK LETTERS.
The timesheet MUST be signed and dated by both Agency Worker(Yourself) and the client (Client Authoriser).
All received timesheets must be clear and fully legible.
Timesheets must be received by the Nursing 2000 payroll office no later than 13:00, Tuesdays for payment that week.
Emailed timesheets ONLY to be sent to payroll@nursing2000.co.uk, not to your consultants or any other email groups.
NO photograph copies of your timesheets will be accepted. Genius Scan or Cam Scanner are excellent free Apps to scan and crop your timesheets effectively to ensure clear copies are submitted to us.
If you post your timesheets, ensure its clearly marked attention to the payroll department and sent for to be received by Tuesday, 13:00
99% of our clients require allocated reference numbers for your worked shifts, please ensure you have obtained this and it is clearly illustrated on your timesheet, we cannot process any timesheets for payment unless we have the correct required reference numbers.
If you have worked on more than one ward, please get an additional timesheet completed for each ward. You can download timesheets from the ‘Download timesheet’ option below or call your consultant to fax one to you.
Break times MUST be clearly illustrated on your timesheet and authorised by the client.
Ensure your start and finish times are clearly illustrated on the timesheet.
Ensure you have the correct date entered and accompanied by the correct, relevant weekday.
Additional payroll information
Timesheet deadline for submission on a weekly basis is every Tuesdays, 13:00. During Bank holiday periods, you will be advised on any extended deadlines.
All processed timesheets will be paid on Fridays.
You will receive email reply confirmations once you have submitted your timesheet.
If you are booked directly with the clients, please ensure you inform the Bookings team the following day of the shift details.
All shifts directly booked with the clients will require booking reference numbers, please ensure this is received and provided.
Certain clients operate via NHSP Booking platform, NHSP requires for shifts to be authorised on the system by the client managers once completed. Ensure the relevant manager authorises the completed shift upon completion of your shift. We cannot process any payment for shifts that have not being authorised on the NHSP system.
If you would like to amend any of your personal banking details, please email payroll@nursing2000.co.uk to request the necessary form to complete.
Any additional agreed expenses, including mileage needs to be completed on the separate mileage form and any accompanying receipts needs to be scanned and submitted with the forms.