All our healthcare professionals have attained a high level of proficiency and training, often in several areas of expertise and fully meet the quality standards set by the NHS.

Our trainers possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in all sectors and our methodology includes practical demonstrations, group work, training sessions and DVD materials. Our aim is to provide highly skilled individuals to our clients and ensure our staff flourish and excel in their field, whilst remaining wholly compliant with current guidelines in an ever changing industry.

Courses available include

Health Care Assistant Training

The Healthcare Assistant course has been designed for those interested in becoming Health Care Assistants employed in hospitals, nursing homes and the community setting. This course offers our applicants an introduction into healthcare and the NHS that covers the fundamental subjects required further their careers in Healthcare. Topics covered:

  • The role of the health care assistant
  • Food hygiene
  • Patient confidentiality
  • Health and inequality
  • Communication
  • Abuse
  • Care of the dying patient
  • General observations
  • Health & safety
  • Fire safety
  • CPR
  • General care of the patient
  • Lifting & handling
  • Infection control
  • Activities of daily living
  • Systems of life
  • Patient hygiene
  • MRSA
  • Managing aggression
  • Health emergencies
  • Managing visitors
  • Mobility
  • Excercise

Fire Safety and Hazards

  • Identify potential hazards
  • Prevent fire outbreaks
  • Provide a fire-safe environment
  • Understand & create fire risk assessments, drills & evacuations

Death and Bereavement

  • Emotional and practical issues of death & terminal illness
  • Support service users, care workers and relatives

Moving & Handling

  • Safe moving practice
  • Safe use of equipment
  • Assist service users in daily living


  • How to canulate a patient
  • Practical demonstrations of methods of taking bloods and venflons